Client Showcase:
Piercing Pagoda

Services: Content / Ecommerce / Social / Retail


Through positive engagement in social media and personalized in-store experiences, Piercing Pagoda provides up-to-date fashion guidance for all their customers.  We facilitate this process with highly-stylized photo shoots that cater to their brand.


Client Vision

Piercing Pagoda went above the competition to bring their free-spirited brand persona to life with original content that keeps pace with the fast world of fashion changes. We built shoots that best represented the various styles of products suitable for any time of the year.


We accomplished this goal with our finely crafted product calendar, giving customers access to the items they need, when they need them, in an elegant and easy to decipher format.  Analysis of our targeted seasonal content proved that Fall styles performed well, increasing holiday viewership and engagement to promote produces and increased sales.