Product Videos—The Foundation of Creative Content Production


The Demand vs. Capacity Challenge for Creative Content

In the contemporary marketplace, the demand for visual product content has skyrocketed with the pervasiveness of an omnichannel business model and strategy. Companies used to allocate a large sum of money to shooting a few high-quality shots for a single consumer touchpoint, such as a print catalog. However, as noted in a Forbes article, “Gone are the days of coming up with a catchy jingle or creative ad campaign and smearing it across a whopping three marketing channels—you know, the Mad Men glory days.”

Now modern day consumption calls for an unthinkable amount of visual content production across multiple channels to fulfill a variety of consumer touch points. A HubSpot article states, “We’re drowning in content. Brands are generating more than ever, with one study counting a 300% increase this year compared to last.”

The fact that consumer desire for visual product content is growing, fuels capacity issues; people, money, and time are running at full capacity. So, what are brands doing to overcome the challenge of demand vs. capacity for creative content? They are working smarter, not harder.

Product Video Sets the Stage For Scaling Content

The solution is not to allocate more budget to additional shoots to produce more visual content, but rather to maximize the content from one product video shoot.

Approaches to content production have shifted from the original days of broadcast-first for campaigns to photo-first for eComm, and now video-first for product content across all digital commerce and channels. Brands are considering a video-first approach or mindset because product video can be scalable for many different types of content that can be distributed across a variety of channels. Due to its versatility to transform it into a variety of visual content, product video sets the foundation for producing always-on visual content formats for today’s all-consuming customer.

With a video-first content production approach, you can scale multiple forms of content including photos, gifs, cinema graphics, social stories, and more, efficiently and effectively. You no longer must allocate budget to multiple shoots for different types of content or plan an execution strategy for each piece of visual content. Instead, photo and video teams are merging into a comprehensive content team; this marriage yields the strategy of product video with the budget of a single shoot, producing a range of diverse visual content.

Many brands like Allbirds are understanding the efficiency, scaling, and cost-effectiveness of using product video as the foundation of their content marketing plan. Allbirds uses product videos on loop alongside photos for their eCommerce homepage. In the fast-pace consumption model of today, you need to push out a variety of diverse content across multiple channels. The only way to survive and thrive is being able to strategize your visual content production from the ground up and create a wide range of content. Starting with versatile product videos is a pragmatic way to meet the demands of creative content, all while enhancing efficiency and staying in budget.

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Caroline McCauley