Product Videos: The Gift Your Consumers Will Truly Love this Holiday Season

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Yes, it is July, which means it’s time to start producing for your holiday marketing content. But this year why not give consumers the gift they really want, product videos. Online conversions increase 64-85% after the person has watched a product video.

It is important to know that most video production for holiday content occurs between the months of June and September. If you aren’t producing your holiday video content by then you're already behind. Last year, the holiday season got off to an earlier start than usual, with a 26 percent year-over-year increase in online retail sales for the month of November, starting November 1st.

If 2018 follows suit (and there’s no reason to think it won’t), your holiday video content should be completed and ready-to-go by the end of October. Don’t forget to factor in time to plan and prepare the video content. Video projects typically take about 60 days from the agreement to deliverables, which means if you start planning in August you can still make it. Any time later, and you’ll miss out.

Why Invest in Video Content for Your Holiday Marketing?

Experian’s Hitwise, an online competitive intelligence company, recommends retailers prioritize search to prepare for the 2018 holiday retail season because search drives the bulk of online traffic to retail sites during the holidays (Via Digital Commerce 360). Not all content is equal when it comes to search; according to KPCB, an estimated 74 percent of online traffic in 2017 comes from video content. Investing in more video content can help you to gain a larger share of the holiday shopping traffic from organic search. 

Here are some reasons to make video part of your holiday marketing mix this year:

  • Marketers who incorporate video grow their revenue nearly fifty percent faster than those who don’t. (Aberdeen, 2015, via Hubspot).

  • Video content is projected to make up 80 percent of consumer online traffic by 2020 (Cisco).

  • 85 percent of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018 (Wyzowl). 

Why Invodo for Video

Invodo specializes in delivering beautiful, high-quality content for commerce at any scale, and any speed. One reason brands choose us is our ability to deliver greater value from our video shoots by capturing multi-format content that can be used across different platforms. We design our shoots so that still photography can be taken alongside the video, and then in the post-production stages, we create assets that are optimized for different channels, languages, formats, locations, and devices, based on client specifications. This approach allows our clients to get greater ROI from a single video shoot.

When you need to push out fresh, attention-grabbing video content on an ongoing basis to attract consumers — for the holiday retail season and beyond — Invodo’s video production at scale is an ideal solution.


Caroline McCauley