What’s the process for working with a video production company?

Here is what to expect.


To execute and scale a successful video program, companies must work with a provider with the experience, processes, and facilities required to manage the logistical complexities of producing high volumes of video content.

However, this is only half the equation. It’s also important that companies working with video production agencies understand what is required from their own organizations to facilitate the best results possible. At Invodo, our best projects are the result of a partnership between clients who can provide us with the necessary resources, direction, and input to produce exceptional videos.

Here is a breakdown of the resources and input required from the client at each phase of production:

1. Creative Strategy & Scoping

During this first phase, we work with clients to set business goals for video projects and define branding parameters that their videos and images must comply with. A pre-existing branding and marketing strategy helps define exactly where videos and their derivatives will fit into a company’s marketing mix. This is also the ideal stage for us to receive data or reports on any videos created previously. Additionally, it’s imperative that our client contacts have both decision-making authority and organizational alignment and support from all key stakeholders – especially when it comes to trade-offs between budget, scope, and brand creative.

2. Pre-Production

The Pre-Production phase is when the specific details and project workflow begin to form. With client input and approval, we’ll finalize a production plan timeline, product lists, scripts, storyboards, talent, set design, props, and wardrobe. It is essential that the client has clearly identified individuals in the organization who will be responsible for providing timely input on these key decisions.  More importantly, the client must identify a single individual who will give final approval for each decision in accordance with the production plan timeline.  Additionally, the client is responsible for making sure that all the products are properly shipped to the shoot location with the appropriate lead time as detailed in the production plan.

3. Production

The Production phase is where we execute on the plan that has been created up to this point. Clients, especially new ones, are encouraged to send team members to the shoots; common attendees include creatives, marketers, and/or product experts. Invodo also provides live-streaming of the shoot – directly from the same camera capturing the footage.  This allows client representatives who are unable to make the trip to participate remotely.

We plan, optimize, and track our shoot-days down to the minute, so concise, real time input early on the first day is essential so that it can be quickly incorporated into the remainder of the shoot.

4. Post-Production

We use a collaborative online platform to share edits and capture client feedback. The tool allows for feedback from multiple client stakeholders but only allows for final approval by one individual. As with pre-production, it’s essential a client has identified the contributors and final approver well in advance, so they are ready to provide feedback in accordance with the production timeline.  We usually allow for two rounds of client feedback; however, we are proud to say that a very high percentage of videos are approved by clients on the initial edit.

Once the final post-production edits are completed and approved, Invodo can upload the pertinent files (video edits, closed captions, transcripts) and metadata directly into a client’s FTP server, content management system, or digital asset management system -- reducing the time between the completion of edits and the launching of videos.

After the video(s) are live, our account management and creative teams can use client-supplied analytics reports to draw out insights and incorporate that information into future shoots. 

Great video production is a team effort

Invodo has the deep experience and specialized capabilities required to produce industry-leading visual content for the world’s top brands and retailers. While we strive to make the production process as smooth and effortless as possible, our most successful projects involve ongoing collaboration and input from clients each step of the way.  Our most successful clients have in advance identified key stakeholders and taken the time to achieve consensus, alignment, and commitment from those stakeholders on key strategic decisions, roles/responsibilities, and timelines.

Our commitment to quality and agility, combined with our collaborative approach, is what has allowed us to establish and maintain long-standing relationships with brands like Verizon, Home Depot, and Under Armour.

If you’re interested in learning more about our video production process, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss.

Justin Vallejo