How much does it cost to produce videos with Invodo?

We are often asked how much it costs to produce videos with Invodo - here's our answer!

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Video is a diverse medium used by different businesses in a variety of settings. Accordingly, you can find a range of different video production providers, from solo freelancers to global studios that specialize in different internal and external video applications.

Invodo is a premium video production agency that works with global brands and national retailers who need to quickly and consistently produce high volumes of product and marketing video content – without sacrificing quality. Depending on the volume and creative requirements, Invodo can produce videos with unit prices ranging from less than $500 to over $100,000 per video.

We prefer to work with clients that seek to develop a long-term partnership. This lets us invest upfront to lay the foundations that enable us to more quickly and efficiently serve their dynamic, recurring visual content needs.  While some clients may spend between $25,000 to $50,000 on an initial project, most spend between $250,000 to $1,000,000+ on an annual basis – often as part of a retainer-based engagement.

How does Invodo determine the scope and price of an engagement?

Invodo assembles the right mix of people and capabilities required for a client’s specific needs: creative concepting, copywriting, set design & construction, production, technical crew, art direction, on-screen/voice talent, editing, 3D/CGI, content management, and strategic account management.

Because of Invodo’s focus on speed, quality, and scale, our production models and pricing are based on shoot-days. A shoot-day is an eight-hour shift in a single studio/location. A project-based engagement may include 1-3 shoot-days, whereas a retainer-based relationship may contemplate tens or hundreds of shoot-days per year.

The unit price of a video is then determined by three factors:

  • Creative and Brand Elements – 
    Includes the location, set, props, stylists, talent, art direction, technical crew, and on-screen graphics. These costs can vary significantly depending on the client’s brand and creative goals.
  • Volume and Daily Throughput – 
    Most of the costs involved in video production are fixed/daily costs that are incurred on the shoot-day itself; therefore, the more videos you can shoot in that day, the lower the overall unit cost. Factors that impact the shoot-day throughput include:  product complexity (assembly/staging/styling), shot list template (number and types of shots), on-set art direction, and types of talent (children/pets).  Additionally, if the number of videos in a batch is large enough to require multiple shoot-days, up-front setup costs (i.e. set builds, props, lighting, etc.) can be spread across more videos and lower unit costs even further.
  • Client Tenure and Engagement Model – 
    The more familiar we are with a client’s brand, products, and people, the more efficient we can produce content. Additionally, when a client commits to work with us under a retainer model, we are able to lower costs further (via batching of similar products, re-use of sets and props, better terms with contractor-based crews, etc.)

Our retainer-based clients have identified video as a strategic imperative and find that this model enables them to receive agile, flexible video services that meet their benchmarks for quality.  With a retainer commitment, we can invest the time to fully understand a client’s business strategy and brand, build trusting relationships with their people, become intimately familiar with their products, understand their customer base, create customized workflows, and leverage analytics data as a feedback loop to produce even more effective content in the future.

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Justin Vallejo