How long do video production services from Invodo take to complete?

Production timelines can vary. Here are the factors that go into production timelines at Invodo.

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At Invodo, we believe that quality, scale, and speed are not mutually exclusive when it comes to video production. Our highly experienced team, innovative production processes, and custom-designed facility allow us to do what others can’t.  

Our ideal video projects take about 60 days from agreement on terms and scope to delivery of the final, approved deliverables. However, there are several factors that affect this timeline, and it can be condensed if a shorter turnaround time is required.

General overview of Invodo’s video production timeline

  • Creative Strategy & Scoping (1-2 weeks) – We work with our client to understand business goals, brand considerations, timelines, and budgets in order to maximize video quality and effectiveness within their logistical and financial constraints.
  • Pre-Production (2-4 weeks) – Script writing, storyboarding, product lists, custom set construction, talent selection, and prop/wardrobe procurement are all completed in this step. Invodo will also work with clients to help them nail down the logistics of the project, including how and when they will ship their products to our production facility warehouse.
  • Shoot day(s) – In the days immediately preceding the shoot, we will unbox, assemble, and stage products. Most clients send at least one or two team members to be on-site during the shoot, but we also facilitate remote participation through live-streaming. Depending on the complexity of the product and level of art direction, we usually create anywhere from 10 to 30+ videos per studio per shoot-day.  If the video requires voice over audio, we employee a voice artist and capture that content around the same time.  All client-supplied products are disassembled and packed after the shoot is completed.   They are returned or donated after the final videos are approved, so as to leave the option for a “pick-up” shot if required.
  • Post-Production & Content Management (2-4 weeks) – After the shoot, our post-production team edits together the video and audio footage according to the pre-defined template. We have a graphic design team who then add text and graphic visuals – including photorealistic 3D models.  We also leverage green screen and other compositing techniques as needed.  If a client requires closed captions or translated subtitles, those are generated at this time as well. Invodo uses an online proofing tool that facilitates transparency and client collaboration, to easily collect and distill feedback after the shoot is completed. We usually allow for two rounds of client feedback; however, we are proud to say that a very high percentage of videos are approved by clients on the initial edit. Once each required cut of every video is approved, we can upload the video files and other metadata (closed captions, transcripts, etc.) into our clients’ FTP, DAM, or CMS.
  • Feedback (Ongoing) – Unlike other firms, Invodo is a data-driven video solution provider. If we have access to metrics and analytics for the videos we create, we will draw out insights and incorporate that information into future shoots.

If you’d like more information about our turnaround time for a specific video initiative, please contact us here.

Justin Vallejo