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4 Testing Tips to Help You Find Exactly How Much Your Video Boosts Sales

At some point during your video program, you will want to understand how much lift video is providing for your products. Maybe because your boss asked, maybe you want to have that number so you can estimate incremental revenue that could be created by adding video to more products, or maybe you just want to know for your own edification. How do you do that? With a good video A/B test.

You might be tempted to just go ahead and...

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How To Regift Your Video for Extra Holiday Cheer

To get the most out of what you have, there are a couple of places you can use video across your holiday efforts. More video in more places means you get more of its engagement and sales benefits. Give your shoppers the content gifts they crave (while gifting yourself with all the benefits!) by thinking strategically about using your video on…

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Product Awareness Puts the “Commerce” in “Visual Commerce”

Most online videos measure success by one simple metric. You guessed it… views. Most video platforms are tooled to generate and monetize this elusive “view,” but views aren’t enough for the e-commerce video use-case. Sure views are big, but the most important metric to measure is purchases.

Enter product awareness, the cornerstone concept applied to e-commerce video versus video for media and entertainment. Product awareness allows you to specify the product a video is trying to sell and interpret the conversion it’s...

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