Step2 Videos Drive Purchases

Business Challenge

The Step2 Company is the largest US manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys such as playhouses, play kitchens, climbers and more. Step2’s marketing mission can be summed up in one key phrase: “connect with Mom.” That’s a big challenge given that Step2 sells through more than 70 retailers worldwide as well as direct to consumer.

The Invodo Solution

Invodo created a set of videos showing Step2 products in action. The videos were syndicated to leading retailers such as Toys “R” Us and were deployed across on both product and category pages.

Influencing shoppers in store aisles requires different tactics. Step2 deployed posters with QR codes throughout Toys “R” Us stores. This allowed smartphone-enabled shoppers to view the videos on the spot.

Two data-driven insights were apparent very early in the program:

  • Video Drives Purchases. Invodo’s Conversion Tracking showed that video viewers were 174% more likely to purchase than non-viewers
  • Viewer Feedback is Key. Should the videos include children, or not? That would typically be a subjective production decision. Invodo’s Video Ratings and Comments feature enabled a data-driven decision by showing that the videos with children were more effective.

The Bottom Line

“Video lets us connect with moms in an authentic way, whether they’re on our site, a retailer’s site, or in a retail store,” says Tena Crock, Marketing Director for Step2. As Step2’s experience shows, video is an asset that can help a brand play across multiple channels.